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Figure 2 | Fluids and Barriers of the CNS

Figure 2

From: Brain disposition of α-Synuclein: roles of brain barrier systems and implications for Parkinson’s disease

Figure 2

Expression of α-Synuclein and clathrin in Z310 cells with or without a-Syn treatment in a typical experiment (n = 5). Z310 cells are immortalized rat choroidal epithelial cells established in this laboratory [47]. The cells were treated with or without 0.5 μM recombinant human a-Syn for 5 hours prior to immunostaining with the primary antibodies, followed by fluorescent secondary antibodies. Fluorescent signals for a-Syn and clathrin are shown in green and red, respectively. Merged images show a co-localization of a-Syn signals with those of clathrin.

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