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Figure 1 | Fluids and Barriers of the CNS

Figure 1

From: Brain disposition of α-Synuclein: roles of brain barrier systems and implications for Parkinson’s disease

Figure 1

Proposed disposition of α-Synuclein in neurons, glia, and brain barrier systems. Both free and aggregated species of a-Syn are transported between neurons or from neurons to various glial cell types. Uptakes of a-Syn species by astrocytes at the BBB and choroidal epithelia at the BCSFB are known to be mediated by the receptor-mediated endocytosis and clathrin-mediated endocytosis, respectively. The influx transport of a-Syn from the blood to the ISF via the BBB or from the blood to the CSF via the BCSFB is currently unknown, neither is the clearance of a-Syn to the blood by either barrier system.

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