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Figure 6 | Fluids and Barriers of the CNS

Figure 6

From: Comparative study of four immortalized human brain capillary endothelial cell lines, hCMEC/D3, hBMEC, TY10, and BB19, and optimization of culture conditions, for an in vitro blood–brain barrier model for drug permeability studies

Figure 6

Mean TEER values for hBMEC cell line in mono-cultures and co-cultures with immortalized astrocytes (SVG-A) and immortalized pericytes (HBPCT). Experiments using 24-well tissue culture inserts from Corning® (transparent PES membrane, 0.4 μm pore size, 4.0 × 106 pores/cm2, n = 2). Maximal TEER values (30.7 ± 0.660 Ωcm2 on day 12) were obtained with hBMEC mono-cultures. Co-culture models with SVG-A and HBPCT cells did not result in increased TEER values. Data were recorded with an EVOM coupled to an Endohm-6 measurement chamber.

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