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Figure 4 | Fluids and Barriers of the CNS

Figure 4

From: A study protocol for quantitative targeted absolute proteomics (QTAP) by LC-MS/MS: application for inter-strain differences in protein expression levels of transporters, receptors, claudin-5, and marker proteins at the blood–brain barrier in ddY, FVB, and C57BL/6J mice

Figure 4

Typical SRM/MRM chromatograms of a standard and internal standard peptide to make a calibration curve. The St peptide mixture (500 fmol each) and IS peptide mixture (500 fmol each) were subjected to LC-MS/MS and analyzed in SRM/MRM mode under optimized analytical conditions. A-D: SRM/MRM chromatograms of four transitions for the St peptide of mdr1a (NTTGALTTR). E-H: SRM/MRM chromatograms of four transitions for the IS peptide of mdr1a (NTTGAL(13C6,15 N)TTR).

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