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Table 1 Aquaporin-4 in CSF from nine term infants measured by Western-blot

From: Aquaporin-4 expression in the cerebrospinal fluid in congenital human hydrocephalus

Patient diagnosis Western-blot analysis (grey scale units%) Age (days) Gender
COM(A) 41.65 1-5 M
OBS SAO(B) 1.92 1-5 M
COM(C) 34.38 1-5 M
CONT(D) 6.75 1 F
COM(E) 10.37 1-5 M
CONT(F) 7.24 1 M
OBS SAO(G) 21.24 1-5 F
OBS SAO(H) 21.20 1-5 M
COM(I) 73.07 1-5 M
  1. COM communicating hydrocephalus, OBS SAO obstructive hydrocephalus (Sylvian aqueduct), CONT control. Patients A,C,E, and I = communicating hydrocephalus (tetraventricular hydrocephalus of unknown origin); B, G and H = obstructive hydrocephalus (Sylvian aqueduct obstruction); D and F = control.