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Figure 1 | Fluids and Barriers of the CNS

Figure 1

From: Aquaporin-4 expression in the cerebrospinal fluid in congenital human hydrocephalus

Figure 1

Western blot for aquaporin-4 for nine CSF samples from control (CONT, n =2), obstructive hydrocephalus (OBS, n = 3) and communicating hydrocephalus (COM, n = 4) in one to five day old term-pregnancy infants; B: Histogram of mean grey value obtained by densitometry of aquaporin-4 by Western blot analysis of the CSF. * is significantly different from control and obstructive hydrocephalus, p < 0.05. Patients A,C,E, and I = communicating hydrocephalus (tetraventricular hydrocephalus of unknown origin); B, G and H = obstructive hydrocephalus (Sylvian aqueduct obstruction); D and F = control.

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