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Table 1 Published immortalized human brain EC lines

From: The hCMEC/D3 cell line as a model of the human blood brain barrier

Cell lines Immortalization procedure Phenotype/limitations TEER (Ω.cm2) LY/sucrose permeability coefficient (10-3cm/min) Year (first pub) Ref.
BB19 HPV16 E6E7 Constitutive expression of VCAM-1, CD36 nd 1.35 1996 [68, 69]
HCEC SV40T No permeability characterization 40±8 nd 2000 [70]
HBEC-5i SV40T No expression of CD31 180±10 nd 2006 [71]
NKIM-6 HPV16 E6E7 No expression of claudin-5 or occludin 100 nd 2007 [72]
HBMEC-3 SV40T No information available 245±8 nd 2009 [73]
TY08 Temperature-sensitive SV40T Low level of functional P-gp 37±5 Pe(inulin)=1.23 2010 [74]
HBMEC/ciβ Temperature-sensitive SV40T and hTERT Promising preliminary characterization nd 2.6±0.4 2012 [75]