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Figure 3

From: The regulation of brain states by neuroactive substances distributed via the cerebrospinal fluid; a review

Figure 3

(A and B) show scanning electron microscopy of supraependymal structures in the rat brain. A: Partially ensheathed fibers and terminal arborizations; B: cellular structures with short fiber extensions, on the ventricular surface of the ependymal cells; Fig 3C: a schematic diagram of the ependymal layer with supra- and subependymal cellular structures contacting the CSF at the ventricular side of the layer; the * indicates a supraependymal terminal extending into the CSF, as described for serotonergic fibers. Figs 3A and 3B were reprinted from [121], with permission of Springer-Verlag. Fig 3C was kindly provided by Prof. B. Vigh.

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