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Table 3 CSF pressure wave speed in the spinal SAS/syrinx and maximum rate of SAS pressure rise.

From: The influence of coughing on cerebrospinal fluid pressure in an in vitro syringomyelia model with spinal subarachnoid space stenosis

Model SAS wave speed
(m/s) [p-value]
Syrinx wave speed
(m/s) [p-value]
Maximum rate of SAS pressure rise (mmHg/s)
SSED 23.6 [0.0004] 24.9 [0.004] 1,700
SSE 155 [0.0001] 118 [0.026] 8,000
SAE 169 [0.0008] N/A 13,200
SRE 399 [0.0009] 680 [0.051] 10,600
  1. Wave speed and pressure rise were significantly smaller in the distensible model (SSED) than in the rigid models (SSE, SAE, and SRE). SSE, SSED, SRE and SAE as for Table 1.