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Table 2 Comparison of the Staphylococcus intermedius isolates.

From: An experimental in-vivo canine model for adult shunt infection

Isolate number dog identity PFGE type Biochem Profile Antibiogram
F1567 2 S. intermedius A 6716113 61000
F1568 1a S. intermedius B 6716153 61000
F1569 1b S. intermedius B 6716153 61000
F1570 3 S. intermedius A 6716153 61000
F1571 6 S. intermedius A 6716153 61200
F1572 7 S. intermedius A 6716153 61200
  1. Isolates from dogs 2, 1b and 3 were from shunt – associated tissue. Those from dogs 1a, 6 and 7 were from the inside of the shunt tubing (1a and 1b were the same dog). With reference to Fig 2, the two PFGE patterns were designated A and B to distinguish. It may be seen that the PFGE, biochemical and antibiogram profiles for F 1568 and F1569 (dog 1, different sites) were identical; F 1567, F 1570, F1571 and F 1572 showed slight differences in one or other profiles.