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About our Editors

Hansotto Reiber, Editorial Board Member
University of Göttingen, Brazil
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CSF and Complexity Studies, Muehlenstr.8, D18055 Rostock, Germany
Tel: +49 381 8575039

1964 – 1970: Studies and Diploma in Biochemistry, University Tübingen.

1971 – 1974: Thesis (Theory of Enzyme Kinetics),Dep.of Prof. Dr M. Eigen, Max-Planck-Institute of Biophysical Chemistry, Göttingen. Dr rer.nat. in Physical Chemistry, University Braunschweig

1974 –1978: Research Fellow, Department of Neurochemistry, Max Planck-Institute of Experimental Medicine, Göttingen (Topic: Protein-Lipid Interaction in Myelin).

1978-2005: Head of Neurochemistry Laboratory , Dep of Neurology, University Göttingen (Topic: Cerebrospinal Fluid Diagnosis).

1984: Habilitation for Neurochemistry.

1988: Marlene de Luca-Award (Bio- and Chemiluminescence)

since 1988: Professor for Neurochemistry, University Göttingen.

1.4. 2005: Retirement from University Goettingen

since 1991: Supervisor and organizer of the CSF Survey, INSTAND (Quality Assessment in Germany and several European countries).

Since 2000: Guest lectures , seminars and cooperation with Medical and Physics faculties in Habana.

2006: Award by El Pleno de la Academia de Ciencias de Cuba

Fields of Competence:

CSF analysis, theory of blood-CSF barrier function and CSF flow. Dynamics of brain and blood-derived proteins in CSF. Neuroimmunology, and basic research in chronic neurological diseases. Particular research in CSF analysis in tropical Neurology. Basic research on nonlinear dynamics of biological processes, self organization concepts in biological and medical sciences. ( e.g., immunological network and neurobiology of memory ). Analysis of aqueous humor for diagnosis of eye diseases.

Scientific publications:

180 peer reviewed publications e.g. on CSF analysis in inflammatory diseases, tropical neurological diseases, pediatric neurological diseases and investigations of inflammatory diseases of the eye, also editor and contributions to textbooks.

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