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About our Editors

Edward Stopa, Editorial Board Member
Brown University, USA
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I am a US citizen holding a Doctor of Medicine degree from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec. I have successfully passed both the US National Boards and the Canadian LMCC professional licensing examinations. After a clinical internship year, I trained in both anatomic pathology and neuropathology at the Brigham and Women’s hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. I was certified in both of these specialties by the American Board of Pathology in 1987. Since 1993 I have held a faculty appointment at the Brown University School of Medicine, where I have served as the Director of the Neuropathology Service and the Brown Brain Bank. I was promoted to Professor of Pathology (Research Scholar Track) in July 2002. I have also been a research affiliate in Neuropathology for Harvard Medical School’s McLean Hospital Human Brain Tissue Resource Center.

Before arriving at Brown, I held academic appointments as Associate Professor of Pathology at the State University of New York and Assistant Professor of Pathology at Tufts University School of Medicine. I have broad research interests in neuroendocrinology, dementia, and cerebral neoplasia. In recent years I have been studying the effects of microvascular injury on blood-brain and blood-CSF barrier integrity in Alzheimer’s disease. Together with Dr. Conrad Johanson and Dr. Andrew Baird, I have also been developing novel ways to utilize the choroid plexus as a mechanism for drug delivery into the brain. I have published over 90 articles in peer reviewed journals including: Science, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Brain Research, Endocrinology, New England Journal of Medicine and Annals of Neurology. I have served as a grant reviewer for the National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation, Canadian MRC, British MRC and Alzheimer’s Association. I have consistently been a principal investigator or co-investigator on various NIH supported projects for over 15 years.

While affiliated with Brown, I have been engaged in the understanding and treatment of aging and Alzheimer’s disease through close collaborations with both basic and clinical neuroscientists. I have served as an integral member of the University’s Brain Science Program, an interdisciplinary research effort involving a broad spectrum of faculty members from ten academic departments. This initiative is funded in part by a Burroughs Wellcome Fund Interfaces grant for interdisciplinary education and research at the undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral levels. As a physician/scientist, I have participated in the Department of Neurosciences training grant, and have served as a mentor for numerous graduate and medical students, as well as undergraduates at Brown. As director of the neuropathology fellowship program, I have trained numerous fellows, many of whom presently hold academic posts at various institutions around the US.

The neuropathology division at Rhode Island Hospital is the major clinical referral center for the state of Rhode Island as well as parts of Massachusetts and Connecticut. We process approximately 600 neurosurgical specimens and 150 nerve and muscle biopsies annually. We also perform 300-400 post-mortem brain examinations and serve as consultants to the Medical Examiner’s Office.