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About our Editors

Montserrat Guerra, Editorial Board Member
Universidad Austral de Chile, Chile
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Montserrat Guerra is an Associate Professor of Neuroscience, Universidad Austral de Chile, Medical School, Valdivia, Chile. She studied at the Universidad del PaĆ­s Vasco, School of Science, Bilbao, Spain, followed by graduate studies in neuroendocrinology and neuropathology at the Universidad Austral de Chile in the laboratory of Professor Esteban Rodriguez.
During the past 10 years she has been interested in the understanding of mechanisms leading to hydrocephalus and abnormal neurogenesis, by investigating mutant mice and rats, and human hydrocephalic foetuses. She is currently leading research into the development of a cell therapy to diminish brain abnormalities associated with foetal onset hydrocephalus. She is funded by the Chilean National Research Council and has co-authored twenty-four publications.